Uganda is a land of varied landscapes being at the interface of the African eastern savanna and western jungle eco-systems. It has four of the Big 5 namely elephants, buffalo, lions and leopards but the general game viewing is not as good as that in Kenya or Tanzania for reasons both of wildlife density and vegetation. The Queen Elizabeth National Park has the widest range of wildlife amongst the Ugandan parks while the Murchison Falls National Park is best known for its water birds including the rare Shoebill Stork.

The main reason to visit Uganda on an East African safari, is to see the apes- gorillas and chimpanzees. A Ugandan gorilla trek inside the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, therefore, works well as a side-trip to a Kenyan safari. There are flight connections from Nairobi and from Masai Mara.

The Bwindi Impenetrable forest on the Virunga mountain ridges that Uganda shared with the Democratic Republic of Congo is a great place in which to see Mountain Gorillas. From Nairobi, you can fly to Entebbe in Uganda and then on to Kihihi inside Bwindi or else fly to Kigali in Rwanda and then drive to Bwindi. There are flights to Entebbe from Masai Mara too. So it is possible to start or end your Kenyan safari with a gorilla safari in Bwindi.

The gorilla trek involves a day of walking in mountainous terrain to see the mountain gorillas. If it has rained it can be fairly muddy as well. There are guides to assist on the steeper stretches but even so. some of the routes can be strenuous. So, a gorilla-trek calls for an element of physical fitness.